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City Hall Chandelier
LA City Hall. Photo: LANC Link.

LANC Link is a graduate student project in Digital Media Design. It is intended to explore the status of major issues that Los Angeles’ Neighborhood Councils encounter every day. LANC Link allows veteran NC board members, new board members, and stakeholders alike to get up to speed on the issues that affect Los Angeles and routinely come up in Neighborhood Council meetings.

LANC Link is issues-focused, and tries not to repeat the efforts of government offices that cover more of the logistics of Neighborhood Council operations. For example:

To get up to speed on the substance of the issues, look no further than LANC Link and the links and references here.

In general, topics on LANC Link are evergreen, meaning that they are ongoing issues intended to be updated as needed. This is why each post begins with a note on when the article was last updated. Since the articles are primarily meant to be informative, LANC Link does not take a position on the issues presented here. The initial rollout of LANC Link features five categories: Health, Homelessness, Safety, Sustainability, and Transportation.

LA City Seal on an OctagonThese articles serve as mini monographs on a given topic—kind of like Wikipedia articles. They’re not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to provide useful information and a foundation for further research and action. Obviously, many more articles could be included in each category, so the initial articles published here are meant to show the straightforward, content-rich approach of LANC Link’s content.

We encourage visitors to upload Community Impact Statements when relevant to a given topic. That’s why we’ve enabled comments to accept attachments in .PDF, .DOC, and .DOCX formats.


About the Editor

Lou Caravella is the site designer, admin, and founding editor of LANC Link. He is also a board member of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, where he initially took an interest in the issues of LA’s Neighborhood Councils.

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