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Air Quality and Asthma

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) covers a large portion of Southern California, including the urban portions of LA. The AQMD uses the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index (AQI) to measure levels of air pollution. The AQI has several tiers from Good to Very Unhealthy, and includes recommendations for ways to protect yourself and others at each tier:

Air Quality Index TableOther Air Quality Resources

California Air Resources Board (ARB): The California ARB has identified about 200 pollutants that are toxic. The ARB sets health-based standards for “ambient air quality” and works with local air pollution control districts to reduce pollution. The ARB website also provides specific information on common airborne pollutants.

LA County Public Health: The County’s Public Health website discusses the Air Quality Index (API) in more detail. A good way to look up air or other health-related news advisories is on the site’s archive of recent press releases or its page on Health Advisories. There’s also @lapublichealth on Twitter.

LA Metro Transit: Metro is working toward cleaner air. explains, “The agency had adopted a goal of having a fully electric bus fleet by 2030 with the Orange Line going fully electric by 2020 and the Silver Line shortly thereafter.”

Port of Los Angeles: The Port provides information on its Clean Air Action Plan in collaboration with the Port of Long Beach. The Port of LA also provides an example of how it monitors air quality in the Harbor area.


The CDC provides helpful widgets including the “Develop an Asthma Action Plan” widget here:

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