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Beach and Park Cleanups

Beach and park cleanups are particularly good initiatives for Neighborhood Councils. You might also consider a “Flash Cleanup” as the Glassell Park NC has done before in coordination with its Improvement Association. A Flash Cleanup is a quick cleanup, lasting about 45 minutes.

Beach Cleanups

The 34th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day is an example of a coordinated effort among many organizations to do a beach cleanup on the same day, which was, in 2018, on Saturday, September 15.

A Neighborhood Council doesn’t necessarily need to organize an independent cleanup, as there are numerous nonprofits that do this. Also, it may be necessary to have a beach cleanup permit from LA County. See also the California Department of Parks and Recreation’s page on beach cleanups.

However, NCs can promote and contribute to cleanups with their neighborhoods. Local organizations that are involved in cleanups include:

Park and Community Cleanups

The LA Department of Recreation and Parks has a map and listing of parks for the entire city. Some NCs also focus on other public areas that are often neglected, such as sidewalks, parking lots, and alleys. Cleanups also engage the community by attracting volunteers such as students, community service organizations, and local residents.

The MacArthur Park NC used the Clean Streets Index of GeoHub to identify locations to place 24 new trash cans in 2018. For other examples of cleanups organized by NCs, check out Empower LA’s summary of community cleanups.

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