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Coordinated Entry System

The LA County Coordinated Entry System (CES) is the name for the system the county uses to help homeless people. “Coordinated” refers to the coordination of various agencies and resources to provide the fastest, most efficient services possible to those in need. The System now covers all eight Service Planning Areas (SPAs) and serves adults, children, and families with children. Once individuals are housed, CES aims to help with supportive services that keep people housed.

CES’ focus is on “Housing First,” “Harm Reduction” related to drug and alcohol use, and understanding all types of trauma (“Trauma Informed Care”). CES’ guiding principles are to:

  • Increase access
  • Prioritize resources
  • Maintain consistency
  • Streamline services
  • Collaborate and coordinate among all service providers and stakeholders

The LA Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) also provides a number of searchable documents on its site. The documents include necessary forms for services as well as homelessness counts by region and other data. LAHSA also offers a CES leadership contact list that provides contact information for various homelessness leaders in LA as well as those for each of the eight planning areas.

Map of CES Regional Lead Agencies


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