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Emergency Preparedness

The Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance (NCEPA) and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment encourage each NC to designate an Emergency Preparedness Liaison. The NCEPA meets the fourth Saturday of each month at the City of Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center at 500 E Temple St, Los Angeles 90012.

The City of LA’s Emergency Management Department provides a free service known as Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN). RYLAN provides guidance on personal, family, and neighborhood emergency readiness. RYLAN can help an NC conduct a Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) meeting to develop a neighborhood-wide response plan for emergencies.

Contact the Emergency Management Department to secure materials and a facilitator for such a meeting. RYLAN can also connect neighborhoods with local training in first aid, CPR, CERT, amateur radio, and other emergency training.

Emergency Kits

Neighborhood Councils can lead efforts to outfit their stakeholders with emergency kits. The Red Cross offers a list of Survival Kit Supplies. LA’s Emergency Management Department also offers guidance on how to start an emergency kit.

Other Resources

  • @ReadyLA on Twitter. Also, text READY┬áto 888-777 to sign up for LA’s emergency notification program: Notify LA
  • LA County Disaster Services, which offers links to city, county, and federal resources, as well as community-based groups such as the American Red Cross and Emergency Network LA
  •, which offers a number of emergency plans in PDF form that can be used or adapted to your neighborhood
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