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Food Alerts and Recalls

The geographic reach of food alerts and recalls often extends well beyond city and county lines. So, this article focuses on local, regional, and national resources for monitoring food emergencies.

Federal Resources

The U.S. federal government’s hub for food safety issues and recalls is This website’s partners include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). So, relevant recall information should be accessible on without necessarily having to visit these other sites as well. also provides a handy widget with up-to-date food safety recalls. The widget can be easily added to your Neighborhood Council’s site, or you can use the food widget here, at right:

LA County: Food

The Environmental Health Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health maintains a webpage on food recalls. It includes press releases with specifics on recent food recalls. It also provides contact information if you believe you might have ingested contaminated food or drink. You may file a report with the Department’s Food Illness Report Page or call 1-888-397-3993.

LA County: Toxicology

The county also has a Toxicology and Environmental Assessment Program that addresses diseases and injuries related to toxic exposure. Topics handled by this program include:

  • Cancer clusters
  • Chemical emergencies
  • Pesticides
  • Fish food emergencies
  • Bio-monitoring and brownfields
  • Dietary supplements and alternative therapies
  • Indoor air issues such as asbestos, mold, and radon
  • Heavy metal contamination
  • Occupational hazards
  • Outdoor air pollution, including wildfires and pollution by highways
  • Household hazards and poisons
  • Water quality and Proposition 65

California State Resources

The state’s Food and Drug Branch (FDB) handles truth-in-advertising enforcement. The mission of the FDB’s Food Safety Program is to assure that “foods are safe, and are not adulterated, misbranded, or falsely advertised.”

The state also publishes food recall notices here.

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