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Measure M: LA County Traffic Improvement Plan

Measure M, an LA County initiative passed in 2016, projects over $120 billion in funding over 40 years for transportation improvements and expansion. The overview of the plan, called the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, is the following:

To improve freeway traffic flow/safety; repair potholes/sidewalks; repave local streets; earthquake-retrofit bridges; synchronize signals; keep senior/disabled/student fares affordable; expand rail/subway/bus systems; improve job/school/airport connections; and create jobs; shall voters authorize a Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan through a ½ ¢ sales tax and continue the existing ½ ¢ traffic relief tax until voters decide to end it, with independent audits/oversight and funds controlled locally?

Source: LA Metro.

According to LA Metro, the following program highlights are expected over the next 40 years:

  • Bus Rail Operations, $29.9 billion
  • Street Improvements, $23.5 billion
  • Systemic Improvements, $2.4 billion: to keep the system in good working order
  • Programs for Students, Seniors, and the Disabled, $2.4 billion: intended to keep fares affordable
  • Pedestrian and Bike Transit Connections, $2.4 billion
  • Metrolink Regional Rail, $1.9 billion

An example of a recent Measure M initiative is the October 2018 groundbreaking for the Metro Orange Line Improvements Project. The project, scheduled for completion by 2025, will cost between $320 to $393 million. About $75 million for this project is available from SB-1, the state gas tax and vehicle fee. The initiative is intended to improve bus speeds and safety, while preparing for future conversion to light rail in the San Fernando Valley (Source: Metro Magazine.)

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