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Water Conservation

In 2014, Mayor Garcetti issued Executive Directive No. 5: Emergency Drought Response. At the time, imported water accounted for over 80% of the City’s consumption. The directive outlined immediate actions to be taken by the government generally as well as specific departments, and established a Mayoral Water Cabinet. It also gave instructions to the Board of Airport Commissioners, the Board of Harbor Commissioners, and private residents.

Through Directive No. 5 and the Sustainable City pLAn (2015), LA pledged to reduce water consumption by 20% by 2017, 22.5% by 2025, and 25% by 2035. The 2017 goal was met.

Save The Drop LA

Save The Drop LA is a useful resource for understanding water usage and conservation in LA. Save The Drop LA offers a number of conservation tips, including:

  • Buy a rain barrel or cistern and receive rebates
  • Clean gutters and attach them to barrels or cisterns
  • Turn off sprinklers when it rains
  • Shorten showers
  • Use high-efficiency toilets and washers
  • Fix leaky faucets and running toilets
  • Clean with a broom rather than a hose

LA Department of Water and Power

The LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is a publicly owned utility that offers a number of rebates for residential and commercial customers. Rebates and programs are available for such products as electric vehicles, appliances, building materials, heating and cooling units, toilets, power strips, and more. The LADWP also has a turf removal rebate. It is $2 per square foot through January 31, 2018 and $1.75 per square foot starting in February 2018. (Source: Save The Drop LA.)

LADWP LogoThe LADWP also suggests conservation measures for homes and a variety of specific businesses from restaurants to office buildings to hospitals. In sum, the DWP suggest, “Redo your landscape, upgrade your washing machine, replace outdated plumbing devices, and take advantage of LADWP Water Conservation Measures for both residential and commercial facilities.”

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